About Us

A little bit about us…

For more than 50 years, The Taylor family has been spending its family vacations in Kearney Ontario. As a child, David Taylor spent his summers exploring all that Muskoka has to offer: fishing, canoeing, and snowshoeing in the great outdoors.


In his early twenties, David bought himself a modest cottage on Loon Lake and spent a gr

eat deal of time there with his friends and family. Soon enough he began renting the space to other families who wanted to enjoy tranquil waters of Loon Lake.

In 1999, David met the love of his life, Karen Smith, and decided to revamp and renovate the modest cottage into something their future family would come to know and love.

With the addition of a growing young girl, a set of wild twin boys, and a loveable dog – not to mention a lot of in-laws – the Taylor family grew quickly.


In the early 2000, David
and Karen, along with another family, decided to build the cottage of their dreams on that same peaceful lake.

While the family enjoys spending their holidays at the cottage (especially over the winter break) – they are more than thrilled to welcome you into their Muskoka retreat! Feel free to email with us about our cottages – we’d love to hear from you.