Taking Advantage of Mid March Snowfall

Hear about how our family deals with March snow!



I’ve been hearing a lot of mumble and grumble about this weeks heavy snowfall. Having had a overall mild winter, my family was excited to hear we weren’t done with winter weather just yet. Snow means sledding, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding and most importantly — Snowmobiling!


For my family, snowmobiling allow us to explore the outdoors in a very expansive way. We can jet across the our lake (which typically takes much longer on a canoe), and explore neighbouring lakes and long winding trails. During the winter months, the snow paves our way to experiencing Canada’s picturesque sights. I couldn’t image going a winter without exploring these trails.


After we are done exploring, we usually get home and jump into the hot tub. Nothing relaxes your sore muscles more than a good soak in the hot tub!

If you are planning a visit north during the winter months, make sure to check out the Snowmobile Trails in and around Muskoka. There is lots to see and explore and this site will give you details about the trails that are safe to explore!

If you have any questions about snowmobiling trails around our cottage or you’d like some more information about what we have available to you, please feel free to contact us for more details!


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